Board Standing Committees

City/County/Transit Liaison (CCTL) Committee

Members: Director Fong and Director Singh
Alternate: Director Bauer

  • Apprise of policy issues regarding transit in the region.

Committee Agenda – October 23, 2019

Facilities Committee

Members: Director Singh and Director Giovanetti
Alternate: Director Fong

  • Construction and Remodeling Projects
  • Land Needs and Site Selection Review

Finance and Audit Committee

Members: Director Restuccia and Director Bauer
Alternate: Director Fong

  • Pre-Audit Conference
  • Post-Audit Conference
  • Budget/Financial Review

Committee Agenda – January 14, 2020

Personnel Committee (Human Resources)

Members: Director Giovanetti and Director Restuccia
Alternate: Director Singh

  • Review and Recommend Salary Schedule
  • Review of Personnel Policies and Guidelines
  • Conduct CEO’s Annual Review

Committee Agenda – February 3, 2020

Committee Agenda – January 16, 2020

Retirement Board

Members: Director Restuccia, Director Ralph Niz, Director Crystal McGee-Lee, and Director Annette Bichlmeier

  • Manage Retirement Plan accounts in accordance with the Retirement Plan

San Joaquin Council of Governments Ex-Officio

Members: Director Giovanetti
Alternate: Director Fong

  • Serve on the SJCOG Board as RTD’s Ex-Officio representative

Note: First member listed serves as Chair

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