Access San Joaquin photo - Get Mobility service for all of San Joaquin County

Access San Joaquin

Access San Joaquin is a Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA) formed by multiple transit operators in San Joaquin County.  One of the primary goals of Access San Joaquin is to improve the quality of transportation services for low-mobility groups such as seniors and people with disabilities.


  • Easier access to mobility transit services throughout San Joaquin County with one simplified process.
  • Enhanced mobility options for those unable to use traditional transit services.
  • Centralized information for countywide transit services including:
    • Altamont Corridor Express
    • San Joaquin RTD
    • Lodi GrapeLine
    • Tracy Tracer
    • Manteca Transit
    • Escalon eTrans
    • Ripon Blossom Express

Programs & Services

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Assessment

In-person eligibility assessment for paratransit services.

Travel Training

Dedicated professionals teaching seniors and persons with disabilities how to use public transit.

Discount Fare Cards

Discount program offering eligible seniors, persons with disabilities, and Medicare card holders the use of certain services for no more than one-half the regular base fare.

Access Pass

Free fare program allowing ADA-certified passengers to ride most fixed-route services free of charge.

Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)

Reimbursement program for ADA-certified passengers to request transportation from friends and family.

Van Go! (Mobility On Demand)

RTD’s own rideshare service (provided in accessible vehicles) strategically placed around the county and operated by professionally-trained and tested operators.