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Eligibility for the Fixed Route Discount Fare Card (DFC)

The Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) stipulates that San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), as a grantee under Section 5307, “must allow the elderly, persons with disabilities, and Medicare cardholders to ride the fixed route services for a fare that is not more than one-half the base fare charged other persons.” RTD issues Fixed Route Discount Fare Cards (DFC) to only qualified persons who are approved. You may qualify for a Discount Fare Card if your disability is described in the Eligibility Criteria.

Eligibility Criteria Category Descriptions

No medical certification is needed if you fall within one of the following conditions (a valid photo ID must be included):

  • You are a Medicare cardholder
  • You are a DMV Disabled Placard or Plate holder
  • You are a Visitor and possess a valid disabled ID issued by another transit agency

Medical certification must be completed if you fall within the following eligible conditions:

Click here to view the Discount Fare Card (DFC) eligible conditions

If your disability falls into the above-outlined categories, and you need to use public transportation, you are encouraged to call RTD at (209) 943-1111.

RTD will respond to your completed application within twenty-one (21) working days of receipt. You will receive written notification of your certification and an identification card (if certified). If you have not been notified within twenty-one working days of submitting your completed application and determination of your eligibility has not been made, you will be temporarily eligible to receive a discounted fare.

Discount Fare Card Application:

To be certified for the Discount Fare Card (DFC), passengers must complete the following steps. Once the steps have been completed and all information is submitted, you will be notified within twenty-one (21) days whether or not you have been certified for a DFC.

Step 1
Request Application

To request a Discount Fare Card (DFC) application a person may:

- Call RTD:
(209) 943-1111

- In Person:
421 East Weber Avenue
Stockton, CA 95202

- Click here to download the Discount Fare Card (DFC) Certification Application.

Step 2
Completely Fill Out Application Form

If you are age 65 or older or if you are a Medicare cardholder:

Simply complete Part 1 of the application and submit a copy of your identification card or Medicare card.

If you are younger than 65 and have a visual, physical, or mental disability:

The entire application must be completed. Applicant must complete Part 1 and Part 2 and have the physician or healthcare professional complete Part 3 of the application Incomplete forms will delay the review process. If the application is incomplete, it will be returned to the applicant for completion. If you have any questions regarding the application, call RTD at (209) 943-1111, and ask for assistance.

Step 3
Return Application

Application may be mailed to:

San Joaquin Regional Transit District
P.O. Box 201010
Stockton, CA 95201

or faxed to: (209) 948-3024

Step 4
Notification of Qualification

RTD staff will carefully review each application to ensure that only qualified persons are approved. Upon completion of review, a letter of certification or denial will be mailed. If your application for the DFC was denied, you have the right to appeal this decision.

ADA Application Appeals

To appeal the decision, you will need to submit your request in writing, sixty (60) days within receipt of the denial letter.

Appeals may be mailed to:

San Joaquin Regional Transit District
P.O. Box 201010
Stockton, CA 95201

or faxed to: (209) 948-3024

Your appeal will be heard by the Appeals Board. The Appeals Board consists of individuals who are not involved in the initial certification process. Their decision is made independently of the original review board.

Upon receipt of your letter, RTD will set up a meeting with the Appeals Board. You will be notified by mail on the date and time of this meeting. At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to submit any additional information, and written evidence and/or arguments to support your qualifications for service. You may bring a representative with you to this meeting.

You will be notified of the Appeals Board's decision in writing within thirty (30) days of the hearing. The Board's decision is final.


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